Log Home Additions – Strategies for Contributing to Your Log Home


If somebody builds a log home, it is almost always their ideal home, their final home. It’s not a house they intend to escape from in the near future. The log home represents a life-style choice rooted within the desire to escape everything.

However when that final home is not big enough, and leaving isn’t an option, the only real option would be to enlarge it by having an addition. However, adding onto these homes is sort of trickier than contributing to a standard home. Because the house is build from solid timber material, modifying the dwelling isn’t as simple as moving studs and adding headers.

With regards to adding on your log home, listed here are a couple of points to consider:

Possess a well-defined arrange for how you need to make use of the new space. Common additions include: family rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, sun-rooms as well as-law apartments.

Consider the way you might connect to the new space in the existing house. Oftentimes a window can be created right into a entrance to produce the brand new entry. However, there might be limitations regarding making the outlet wider compared to window area itself.

Avoid connecting in the corners. The crisscross ends alllow for a hard place to join to. Yes it is possible, however it creates more work with the builder.

To obtain the matching log look, think about using either full-log material or half-log siding. If full-log materials are used, make sure to permit the settlement from the new addition in which the connection is created. An addition which looks great in the beginning may perform poorly if money is not permitted for.

In some instances a smaller sized connector is most effective to drag the primary addition from the house. This tactic frequently creates options you don’t have when adding a sizable room straight to the home.

Bring in help with experience. There’s a proper way of cutting in to the existing home which results in a connection which will both look great and supply a great weather seal. A log home builder will comprehend the dos and don’ts of creating a log home addition. It isn’t really the situation for any contractor without similar experience.

Finally, find the correct balance of log and timber features to fit your budget. Your builder will be able to explain the choices and just how they affect the total cost.